Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about pricing?

We strive to provide the best value. We do charge a fee for air only bookings. Airline-only booking fees up to $20 per passenger for domestic travel and up to $50 per passenger for international travel.

There is a one time $50 non-refundable research fee paid after the initial consultation.

What do our fees cover? Quite simply, our time, expertise, and supplier fees.

Do I need travel insurance?

When traveling, many unpredictable things can happen and no matter how careful you are, how tight of a budget you're in, or how healthy you are, delays can happen, family emergencies can happen and getting travel insurance just provides you with peace of mind. 

Your medical insurance may have limited or no coverage for out-of-country medical expenses. Travel insurance doesn't just cover your medical expenses, it also provides coverage if you need to cancel or return home if a covered event occurs during your travels. If you decline travel insurance, you will sign a form stating it was offered.

How can I book for a group?

Please fill out the Trip Quote information and we'd be happy to provide you with the process and pricing for group travel.

Please include the number of folks joining, age ranges (in case there needs to be some kid and/or teen friendly activities and accommodations) , and any accessibility requirements. 

If booking for a wedding or honeymoon, please let us know if you have a preferred destination.

Can I book travel for my entire company or business?

Absolutely! Many companies do holiday trips for their staff. We are happy to provide this service. Fill out the information under the Trip Quote tab to get started.

Please include the number of folks joining and any accessibility requirements. 

Why should I book with a travel advisor instead of booking myself?

As a certified travel advisor, we have access to discounted rates that the public does not. We always are looking for the best deal and have relationships built already with many suppliers and vendors, which means you get the best price possible.

Plus, planning travel can be such a headache--let us do all the heavy lifting for you!